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a holistic learning approach to improve the overall functioning of the brain through movement

A Significant  Shift

in the way we think of ourselves as human beings.


Rather than viewing an individual as a mechanical system of parts that need fixing, Anat Baniel Method® views people as;


dynamic, information based intelligent systems moderated by the brain with infinite possibilities for continues growth, refinement and development.

In ABM® NeuroMovement® 

the student is guided to feel him/herself through a sensory movement experience.

In this process the brain is offered possibilities to form new neural connections where new learning is introduced.


When we bring attention to how we move and what we feel, we are offered the possibility to change and re-organize for a better and more functionally improved condition

The Nine Essentials

are nine learning-based guidelines on how to communicate with the brain in a way that creates the best possible conditions for the development of human potential and they form the core of NeuroMovement®.

  • Movement with attention

  • Slow

  • Variation

  • Subtlety

  • Enthusiasm

  • Flexible Goals

  • The Learning Switch

  • Imagination and Dreams

  • Awareness

 For a worldwide listing of certified NeuroMovement® professionals serving Children with special Needs, please visit 

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