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Private ABMNM® Lessons

Mondays - Saturdays | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Lessons are 30 minutes for children and 45 minutes for adults.

To maximize learning, lessons are given as intensives.

I suggest 2 lessons in a day over 4 days, or 

3 shorter lessons (20 minutes each) in a day over 4 days.


The time between each intensive is very important to give the brain a chance to make use of the new information and integrate what the person recently learned. Generally 3-4 weeks of integration time is given between the intensives but the practitioner will guide you through this as it is very much dependent on the students needs.

Online Coaching Sessions for Parents  Through Your Hands

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 4 Zoom Calls, each 30 minutes.

These coaching sessions are for parents to develop their own potential of creating a world for their child, where they give the opportunity to him/her to make things more sense.

It is a learning process that I guide the parents while they are interacting with their child in their own home environment.

We are exploring new ways of interaction and introducing the 9 essentials to your daily life that would potentiate the awareness and skillset of the parent as a resource to the child.

These sessions are for increasing the possibility of making clear distinctions so that it gets easier for the child to perceive differences. We are always after the self agency of the child and we want to create opportunities for that child to use his/her own potential at the highest.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Tailored to your availability


Cogmed is an evidence based intervention for improved working memory

to children who:

Struggle to focus 

Are easily distracted

Have difficulties with reading comprehension

Struggle with solving maths problems in their head

Often fail to complete tasks

Are not reaching their potential, despite hard work


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