"After the intensive, H. has been really focused on colouring in and pencil grip is something we had been working on with his OT. So it's been really nice to watch. 

He has also been saying things that he hasn't said before as if his vocabulary has increased a bit. 

After a couple of days, another mail from H's mum:


H. has certainly been coming out with more things to say and asking questions and conversation is developing! Even my husband commented this week how he has been responding to a kids tv show that asks a question and waits for a response! H. also had speech today and speech therapist was pleasantly suprised at how much his speech and vocabulary has grown in 4 weeks since she last saw him. Big smiles in our house!!


"When I first started seeing Basak for ABM lessons my daughter (12 months) spent most of her time lying on her back staring blankly at the ceiling. She was unable to crawl and  would edge her way to something with a lot of encouragement.


We have been doing lessons with Basak for the past 4 months and during this time we have seen major changes in all areas including movement, cognition and communication. It started with subtle changes such as better eye contact after a lesson, spinning her bottle while she drank her milk and moving her body a different way while she lay on her back. After some time she started to crawl, babble and pulling to stand.


We have fun in every lesson and my daughter thoroughly enjoys her time with Basak laughing and learning through the whole lesson. Basak is incredibly caring and her love for my daughter and her work is always evident." 


"My 11 year old autistic son who also has a genetic condition has completed the intensive daily session for two weeks.


I have to say he absolutely loved the way his body felt calm during and after the lessons. His behaviour was relaxed and happy.  I did notice his outburst at home and at school were easier to manage."


"My Stroke Affected husband A.D recently hit a wall after two years of progress. It was Jill Bolte Taylor's ('My Stroke of Insight') recommendation to look into ABM.


Basak (whom I discovered after contacting ABM in San Rafael California) started working with A.D intensively in Hobart. Though Adrian's results are subtle we believe the method based in NeuroMovement® and plasticity was well worth the time and experience.  Basak's work has created change and A.D has responded to her sensitive touch. Results are subtle and may take time to present but today there is less fear re walking without the stick, left fingers have moved and this morning he gave his left hand instruction to move and it did. Exciting? 


Below is a summary of changes we have noted since the intensive with you and yes there are definitely
some nice changes!

Saturday 29/11 Piano Lesson
Piano teacher - something is different more focus and happy to play pieces for teacher, suggested which
pieces she wanted to be able to play really well.

Sunday 30/11Home
Morning routine: Breakfast, get dressed, piano practice, hair, teeth then play - all runs more smoothly
Piano practice (around 5 minutes in the morning with mummy) willing to choose a practice piece - more
than one, or to change what was originally agreed upon, also identifying parts that need more practice –
this is a marked change, she is finding it easier, and planning what she wants to play for Christmas

Monday 2/12 School
Very good day - worked well. Agreed on creative writing task and chose a prompt than dictated a story to
the teacher. Also happily went over new maths concept (and got it, Violet answered question correctly
during class revision)

Matteo and the rest of us travelled home very well and today we noticed he has decided to practice
walking backwards. We have never seen this before but we figured quite a lot of brain activity is required
to complete this ( + he spent quite a long time doing it today and giggling). Another development was that
some non verbal imitation that we have been trying to get him to do for months unsuccessfully...well today
he did it with great ease. I was actually quite shocked. :-)

Basak’s approach is one which is both gentle and direct. She has an amazing ability to meet where
Juniper is at in that day being incredibly connected and present with her. Juniper loves her classes with


“Online Zoom sessions with Basak were very informative! While she could see me playing with my boy,
she gave me tips on where and when I can introduce some of the ‘ nine essentials’. I have started
applying some of the essentials already like slowing down and variations in play/daily activities with my

Doing these coaching sessions with Basak has been so helpful and supportive for me as Juniper’s mum.
Basak helped me to apply the ideas and concepts ot the ABM practically into our home and everyday. It
has reminded of the power of connected communication and setting
In a way it has brought me out of feeling stuck into limitations into being inspired. I soon realized I would
want everyone close to Juniper to do the coaching with Basak. So far, my mother, Juniper’s grandma has
also done some coaching and I see how extra supportive it is not only for Juniper, but also as Juniper’s
primary carer, to have all the family applying these ideas.